It’s Not Easy Being Concise

I am finally finished writing and editing my book, Date your Donors: How to Attract and Engage a New Generation of Philanthropists. It took more than 2 years to complete it, and not because it is exceptionally long. Truth is, it is pretty concise at around 150 pages. What took me a long time to accomplish was writing it in a way that would be digestible and easy to reference. I did not want a book that would feel academic or encyclopedic in any way. date your donors
Going in to writing this book I knew I wanted to make fundraising accessible to the average person. That requires less emphasis on the technical aspects, and more on the elements where everyone could relate. It required me to think and write in plain-speak and then use the “red pen” technique (you know that “red pen” from your teachers’ grading in elementary school!) in all areas of my writing where I felt I could cut down or reword without losing the point.
This is a great exercise that is fundamental to all advertising, but is much more difficult to do when you are looking at 25,000 words instead of 150 words. However, if being concise and memorable is important in advertising, then the same can be said for a book that is meant to be engaging and a reference point for sharpening one’s skills.
People may be impressed by a thick book with long chapters, but it is more likely to sit on the shelf than a book designed to be read with great ease…and in only a few sittings. I opted for the latter. The book will be out in early 2016.
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